• Verified Amazon Buyer: "All in all, I think this is an ideal charcoal grill that almost guarantees you'll wow yourself, your family and friends with the incredible results. It's slightly different cooking than the normal charcoal BBQ grill, so you'll learn to make your cooking adjustments... and you'll love the results. I would (and do) recommend this little baby to anyone who'll listen."

    Tom Jorgenson on ChowHound:

    "Not much to master, actually: A fire-starter, match, 10-12 briquettes, a pile of ribs, chicken, Tri-Tip, etc. 2 hours later, you're eating great BBQ! All in all, I'd say that, other than being a little pricey, the Cobb is a high-quality, well made, wonderful invention that I am glad I bought...and am considering buying a second one so I can do ribs and chicken at the same time. Well worth the money, does what is says it does.

    My favorite grill of all time. Hope this helps."

    GLAMPING ESSENTIALS by Jeanne Coffey