With just a few months until summer, it’s the ideal time to start planning your next big summer cookout with your outdoor tabletop grill as the main attraction, of course! If you don’t have an outdoor grill yet, hurry and order yours online so you will have enough time to practice using it and try out some recipes before the big day.

We know all about the panic that comes with last-minute cookout planning, so here are 10 barbecue essentials to get you on your way to grilling and entertaining with confidence!

1) Creative Seating Arrangements 

You might agree that it’s really important for your guests to have somewhere comfortable to sit. Instead of keeping everyone cooped up on a tiny patio space, new BBQ trends are encouraging cookout hosts to get creative. Try throwing a few bean bags, cushions, or picnic blankets on the lawn and let guests recline in the garden to enjoy their meals and conversation.

2) Fun Decorations 

Why not get a bit playful and experiment with different ideas for decor? From homemade Chinese lanterns to balloon arches and flower arrangements, there are endless options here. You could opt for a theme based on your favorite movie or season, or keep it minimal with candles and artistic lighting for a laid-back feeling that will complement your grilled meals.

3) Go-to Recipes 

Save yourself the trouble of deciding what to cook on the day and have a few go-to recipes on standby. If you’ve already ordered your outdoor tabletop grill and are waiting for it to be delivered, start searching for recipes. When you order the COBB Supreme Combo you will receive the COBB recipe book as part of your deal along with the COBB Supreme grill.

4) A Simple Main Dish ‒ Or 2!

What we love most about summer cookouts is that you can keep your main dishes pretty simple but still get the most flavor and enjoyment out of them. Skip the complicated gourmet meals and choose a simple grilled fish or hearty steak as your main dish served on our premier or supreme cutting boards. Prefer chicken over red meat? No worries! You can easily grill chicken kebabs or roast chicken on your outdoor tabletop grill.

5) Popular Side Dishes 

For a successful summer cookout, remember to have a few popular side dishes to complement your main meal. Go for the traditional potato salad, corn on the cob, and coleslaw, or get creative with BBQ Bacon Sticks, cornbread, or stuffed mushrooms. There are so many varieties to satisfy meat eaters and vegans, so have fun with this and see what your grill can do!

6) Variety of Snacks

Keep your guests happy with a variety of interesting snacks. These are great for people to munch on while they wait for the ribs to cook on the grill. You can prepare some ready-made options like popcorn or potato crisps or make a few snacks on your COBB outdoor tabletop grill, like chili poppers or prawn skewers, for more of that smoky taste and nutrition straight off the grill.

7) An Outdoor Tabletop Grill 

No summer cookout is complete without an outdoor table grill, right? But not just any grill ‒ you need a COBB outdoor grill for the best results! COBB portable grills, like the COBB Premier+, really have all you need for a fulfilling grill experience while providing lasting quality. Your COBB grill allows you to grill, roast, bake, fry, and even make pizza. Check out the COBB grill accessories to enhance your summer cookout experience.

8) Spruce Up Drinks With Fruity Ice Cubes

Next on our list of BBQ essentials is drinks with personality. Since it’s a summer cookout, you might want to excite your guests with refreshing cocktails and freshly squeezed juices made with seasonal fruit. Keep them cool by freezing fruit juice or fruit slices in your ice tray and surprise guests with summer-tasting ice cubes.

9) One Winning Dessert 

You will need at least one winning dessert to put the cherry on top of your summer cookout. Keep desserts cool, such as ice cream or chilled jelly, or try a delectable chocolaty dessert made on your outdoor tabletop grill. You can use your COBB grill to make cheesecake, cobbler, and even chocolate fondant!

10) Clean-up Station 

Finally, don’t forget to have a simple but practical clean-up station at your summer cookout. After enjoying delicious menu options straight off your outdoor tabletop grill, people will need a place to throw their garbage and wash their hands. Keep some plastic bags, bins, water, and napkins handy to make this as easy as possible.

Get your summer cookout off to a great start with a COBB outdoor tabletop grill and impress your friends and family with your grilling and entertaining skills by following these top 10 tips. Ready? Shop online now.