How does basking in the cool night air, enjoying undisturbed tranquility on a camping trip away from the city sound? Good news: Camping season is around the corner!

However, camping does require some knowledge about how to do things outdoors, since it is slightly different from our suburban dependence on electricity, running water, and a fully-loaded fridge or pantry.

If this is your first time using a COBB portable grill for camping, follow our ten essential tips for successful grilling in the great outdoors.

 1) Plan Your Meals For Each Day 

Planning is crucial if you want to get the most out of your grill while camping. Decide what you are going to eat each day for breakfast (like scrambled eggs), lunch (say yes to sub sandwiches), and dinner (grill your freshly caught fish), as well as snacks (did someone say ‘bbq bacon sticks’?) in between. This will help you pack smartly without forgetting any important items and will make you feel more at ease and confident in preparing your meals during your trip.

2) Marinate Your Meat Ahead Of Time 

Marinating your meat before you leave home allows enough time for all the juices and flavors to soak in. When you eventually set up your grill for camping and cook the meat for your mid-day or evening meals, it will taste much better if marinated ahead of time. With this preparation done, you can add canned, dried, or fresh foods as a side dish, like grilled corn, to make your camping easy and stress-free.

 3) Pack Lightly 

Using an outdoor grill for camping makes your trip so much more enjoyable, so make sure you have enough space in your vehicle because this is one item (and maybe your camp kettle for coffee) you don’t want to have to leave behind! Pack only the most essential clothing and cooking accessories to keep your load as light as possible and clutter-free. Remember, this is your chance to destress, unwind, and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings, so the simpler the better.

4) Use A COBB Outdoor Grill For Camping 

A portable grill, such as the COBB Premier+ Plus, is ideal for camping and should be your trusted companion on your next outdoor adventure. COBB offers a range of options in size and features depending on your specific needs. For the most durable, high-quality outdoor grill for camping, use COBB and enjoy tastier, healthier meals made from recipes in our Anywhere BUT the Kitchen cookbook.

5) Find A Safe Spot For Your Grill  

Successful grilling while camping means that you need to pay attention to safety precautions, like placing your portable grill on a solid, flat surface. Be sure that your grill for camping is not going to fall over, and keep it in a ventilated space away from your tent, buildings, people, and furry friends. Avoid placing it near overhanging branches, as this could be a fire hazard.

6) Organize Utensils & Spices 

Keep only the spices and cooking utensils that you need and store them neatly in boxes or containers for ease of access. With all your cooking items organized, you can focus on creating a delicious meal, and your grills will be all the more delicious. Having an organized system can also prevent accidents. 

7) Close The Lid While Cooking  

Grilling experts recommend keeping your portable grill’s lid closed while cooking, as this will preserve all the good flavors and nutrients in your food. Not only is this a safer practice, as it eliminates a fire hazard, but it also makes the food taste even better!

8) Never Leave The Grill Unattended 

When using your outdoor grill for camping, make sure it is supervised at all times while in use. Need to step away from the grill for a hot minute? Ask someone to watch over it so there are no accidents or uncontrolled fires. Since fat drips off the meat during cooking, it may spark small flames, so keep a spray bottle on hand. 

9) Pack Ziploc Bags For Leftovers  

As with any meal, there are usually leftovers, and camping is no different. Be sure to pack Ziploc bags to store any leftover food. Ziploc bags will make cleaning up much easier and prevent litter.

10) Clean The Grill After Each Use 

A clean grill leads to a healthier meal, so keep your outdoor grill nice and clean during your camping trip to enjoy delicious food day after day. Use dishwashing liquid and hot water to remove fat and grease residue, oil, or sticky substances, and wipe the parts dry before the next use.

With these tips to guide you, your next camping adventure is bound to be a smooth, pleasant one. Do you need a good-quality grill for camping? Look no further than COBB Grill America! Get in touch for more information or shop our grills online today.