Food always tastes better on an outdoor grill, right? So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of buying one, we’ve got 7 compelling reasons why stainless steel portable grills are totally worth your investment. You’ve worked hard for your money, and you deserve a treat that brings you the very best value. If you’re going to spend anything at all on an outdoor portable grill, let it be a wise move for the best quality and peace of mind when it comes to your future barbecues!

1) Find Lasting Quality In Stainless Steel Portable Grills 

With good cleaning and maintenance habits, stainless steel portable grills, like the COBB Premier+, can last several years. Since it would take extreme conditions and a really, really long time for these tough grills to actually corrode, they make worthy investments.

The best part is that cleaning a stainless steel grill is relatively easy. Simply clean away excess fat or grease with warm, soapy water and allow to try before the next use. So, if you’re concerned about making a purchasing decision that gives you big value for your dollar, this is a great spend!

2) An Ideal Gift Idea That Everyone Will Love 

Stainless steel portable grills are incredibly innovative gifts that you could give to almost anyone on your gift list. Celebrating your wedding anniversary? Surprise your spouse with a COBB Supreme Combo and enjoy pure wedded bliss! Our portable grills are ideal for friends, work colleagues, parents, the adventurous at heart, or even golden oldies who enjoy backyard grills. Portable grills are so easy to use and produce delicious results that everyone loves.

Hot tip: Spice up your gift with added accessories for the portable grill.

3) Stainless Steel Always Looks Good, No Matter What! 

Stainless steel will not rust and will retain that sparkly silver look throughout the years. To get the best value for your investment, be sure to buy a good quality, real stainless steel portable grill from a renowned brand like COBB Grill America. Our grills are stylish and compact, making the perfect camping or kitchen accessory.

Inviting guests over? Dress up your dining room table or outdoor patio table with a COBB Pro grill in teal or black and guests will be intrigued not just by the food but by the attractive grill design.

4) Portable Grills Are Essential Travel Buddies 

If you’re an avid camper, a stainless steel portable grill should be way up there on your priority list. These revolutionary grills just bring so much flavor and joy to the outdoor experience. Take it with you wherever you go and fire up some burgers, fish, corn, or chops. COBB stainless steel portable grills are light and easy to clean, making them perfect for camping, road trips, outdoor picnics, and beach parties.

Hot tip: Try the recipes from the COBB recipe book, packed with grill-ready recipes.

5) A Versatile Grill For Any Occasion 

If you thought outdoor grills were only for grilling meat, think again! There are heaps of versatile meals you can prepare with stainless steel outdoor grills. The stainless steel also provides a non-stick surface for ultimate cooking. A COBB grill can be used for making omelets, grilling vegetables, roasting or smoking chicken, and even boiling stews!

Try this: Get the COBB frying pan or rotisserie to add to your cooking convenience.

6) Maintain A Healthy Diet All Year 

Cooking on the grill means that you use less oil than with stovetop cooking, which is ideal for keeping the calories at bay. Worried about losing the taste? No need! With stainless steel portable grills, you can keep all the succulent flavor in your meals while enjoying healthy, guilt-free dishes at any time of the year. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try our Sirloin Steak or Butterflied Lamb recipes for a protein-packed meal.

7) COBB Portable Grill Parts Are Available Worldwide 

As with any product, you should always consider how long it will last after purchasing, and if something goes wrong, can it be fixed? The great news is that COBB stainless steel portable grills are extremely durable. However, if you ever experience any damage due to unforeseen circumstances, our replacement parts are available worldwide, so you can get your grill repaired and ready to use again in no time!

Ready to start grilling some fantastic grub? Order your COBB grill online today from COBB Grill America. Our stainless steel portable grills are made to last and designed for ultimate barbecuing pleasure and convenience. Choose the design that best suits your needs, from the COBB Premier Plus to the COBB Supreme, and experience fast, tasty food like never before.