Have you just bought a portable grill? There’s nothing better than cooking in the great outdoors, so you must be excited to put it to good use.

Wondering how you can make the most of your new favorite toy for the sunny season? The good news is that the spring and summer are ideal for outdoor barbecues, so there are endless opportunities ahead to enjoy fun times with family and friends, and get reigned king or queen of the grill! 

Even if you have an old grill that has been packed away for the winter, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try out some new recipes and show off your cooking skills. Here are our best portable bbq ideas for 2023.

Throw A Beach, Pool or Lake Party! 

Everyone loves a good beach or watering hole party. From young to old, swimmers, sunbathers and socialites, everyone can find their cozy spot to soak up the seasonal sunshine and enjoy the festive spirit.

Once you’re confident that the weather conditions are ideal, get your friends and family together at a serene watering hole of your choice, turn on your favorite festive music and get everyone feeling flaming hungry while the smell of your delicious grilled meal’s smell fills the air.


Pick a section of the beach that has a flat surface, table or concrete block for your portable grill. You can find the best portable barbecue grill from COBB for your beach, pool or lake party, and you’ll be all set for delicious food, great company, and hours of fun.

Hot tip from us: Serve your appetizers hot off the grill in finger-food fashion on a classy cutting board if you want to look extra prepared. Who can resist a medium-rare steak right off the grill? 

Game Day Tailgating 

Big game coming up? Here’s your perfect chance to get out your portable grill to impress your friends and family! If you don’t have one yet, we’ve got you covered with the best portable bbq from COBB Grill America. We’re not just gassing ourselves up; these testimonials speak for themselves! Instead of watching the game alone on the sofa, why not enjoy it with friends in an outdoor tailgating venue instead?

Round up some fun people to hang out with, get your portable outdoor grill and your cars, and make an event of it. Portable barbecues are excellent for cooking from anywhere, as long as you have a flat, sturdy surface and some ventilation.

Put your meat, hamburgers, corn, veggies or pizza on the grill and make it a feast to remember. Depending on the size of the crowd, you may need a bigger-sized grill for this gathering, like the COBB Supreme.

Picnic At The Park

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who’s seeking something a little more low-key, like a picnic at the park with an intimate circle of friends or relatives you need to catch up with after a long winter. Most parks have picnic tables, which will provide a suitable surface for your outdoor grill.

To get the best out of your portable bbq, be well prepared with all your marinated meat, seasonings, utensils, best knives, lifting tools and other accessories to help you manage small flames or smoke during the cooking process.

You can cook up an entire meal while you chat with guests and relax under the trees. Try out grilled fish, skewers, grilled cheese sandwiches, or even a delicious dessert to make it a picnic everyone will remember.

A Camping Adventure

Camping is an excellent way to destress, reconnect with nature, and spend time outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s also a chance to get away from the kitchen and enjoy simple meals cooked on your portable grill.

You can find the best portable bbq options for camping at COBB Grill America. For this kind of outdoor grilling, it’s advisable to use the most compact, lightweight grill, like the COBB Pro Teal.

Some of the best meals are enjoyed on a portable bbq while camping, such as grilled chicken, grilled tofu burgers, or freshly caught grilled fish with a garden salad. So, if you’re looking for a change in your routine, try a camping adventure with the kids or with your best friend and take your portable bbq along.

Try Out New Recipes 

As a way to get the creative juices flowing, you might want to try out some new recipes on your outdoor grill. From mouthwatering creamy mussels to pork belly kebabs, roast leg of lamb, bbq chickpea wrap, and even grilled watermelon, the options are endless.

You can try out an assortment of healthy meaty or vegan dishes, like grilled Caesar salad and garlic spinach. The portable grill is also great for anyone following a keto diet. COBB Grill America provides a handy recipe book to support your culinary exploration.

Get the best portable bbq from COBB Grill America today and enjoy countless days of summer fun and healthy, tasty food with a smoky twist. Shop our online store now for outdoor grills and accessories to make your grilling experience a pleasant, safe one.