Croissant and Butter Pudding


Serves 6

6 Butter Croissants
Butter (to spread)
8 oz Fresh Cream
2 Eggs
3 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla
1/2 oz Brandy
3 oz Dark Chocolate Pieces



Prepare your COBB Grill and light a CobbleStone and wait a few minutes until it has turned grey. Or, if you don’t have a CobbleStone on hand, ready your briquettes. Place Grill Grid, Roast Rack, and Dome Cover on COBB Grill and let heat up for at least 5 minutes.

  • Slice croissants in half and butter evenly.
  • Whisk cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and brandy until sugar is dissolved to create custard.
  • Press half a butter croissant into a little cup, add some chocolate pieces, press remaining half on top, add more chocolate pieces. (repeat with each cup)
  • Pour custard carefully in each cup and allow to soak through croissant halves. (don’t over fill as mixture will rise during baking)
  • Place on Roast Rack and bake for 20 minutes with dome lid on.


Serving Suggestion

Serve hot with fresh cream.


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