When it comes to cooking on the outdoor grill, few things are as satisfying and mouthwatering as chicken recipes prepared on the grill. The tantalizing aroma of sizzling chicken, the irresistible charred grill marks, and the smoky flavors infused into every juicy bite make grilling chicken a beloved culinary tradition.

Whether you’re planning a summer barbecue, a backyard get-together, or simply looking to add a delicious twist to your weeknight dinners, chicken on the outdoor grill is a great way to elevate your culinary experience.

In this guide, we’ll explore a variety of chicken recipes from COBB, tailored for the outdoor grill. From classic barbecue favorites to new creations, you’ll find a diverse range of recipe ideas for the next time you fire up your grill.

Why Chicken? 

Chicken is loved by almost everyone, and grilling chicken is a versatile technique that allows you to explore a multitude of flavors and cooking styles. From tender and succulent grilled chicken breasts to finger-licking BBQ chicken drumsticks, the outdoor grill offers endless possibilities to create dishes that are both simple and impressive.

Whether you prefer classic marinades, zesty rubs, or tangy glazes, the portable outdoor grill transforms ordinary chicken into a savory masterpiece that is sure to please any palate.

Does Chicken Cook Well on the Grill? 

One of the greatest advantages of cooking chicken on the grill is its ability to infuse smoky flavors into the meat, creating a flavorsome contrast to the natural juiciness of the poultry. The grill’s high heat helps to seal in the moisture, resulting in tender, flavorful chicken that maintains a crispy exterior.

Are you a fan of boneless, skinless cuts? Or do you prefer the richness that comes from grilling chicken with the skin on? Either way, the grill provides a perfect platform to achieve deliciously charred perfection.

Lemon and Garlic Stuffed Roast Chicken

For this recipe, you will need a grill grid, fenced roast rack, and dome lid from COBB. If you’ve ever wanted to try a roast chicken recipe but doubted your ability, you can finally let go of those fears and give it a go because the COBB outdoor grill makes it super easy for you to get it right the first time.

The ingredients for this recipe are also really simple. All you will need is a whole chicken, some lemons, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, and herbs for flavoring, and leave the chicken on the grill, covered, for 90 minutes. Add some potatoes or brussels sprouts to the grill halfway as a healthy side.

Spicy Chicken Sub Sandwich

This is the perfect way to enjoy lunch on the outdoor grill. Transform a regular sub sandwich into a delightful charred, smokey chicken surprise for your tastebuds. With this recipe, you can opt for a mild option or throw in freshly chopped chili peppers for added spice and just the right amount of zing to get you going!

It only takes a few minutes to cook your marinated chicken breasts on the COBB frying pan, and then all that’s left is to add them to pockets of French bread with the recommended veggie toppings. Quick, easy, tasty and healthy, the COBB way.

Sticky Spicy Chicken Kebabs

No outdoor grill experience is complete without sticky chicken kebab skewers. Grab your tongs and satisfy your craving for superior taste with this recipe from COBB Grill America that is complemented perfectly with your COBB outdoor grill, no matter which grill size you are working with.

This recipe gives you eight skewers but the quantities can easily be halved or doubled for your desired serving size. It uses the sweet and sour taste of apricots for the sticky, tangy marinade sauce. These golden chicken kebabs cooked on the COBB outdoor grill and served on our stunning oval or round cutting board will have everyone clamoring for more.

No Time to Chicken Out: Start Grilling!

Fire up your grill, grab your tongs, and get ready to embark on a culinary adventure with these mouthwatering chicken recipes. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a novice looking to expand your outdoor cooking repertoire, these recipes from COBB Grill America will have your family and friends eagerly asking for seconds. Get ready to savor the smoky, charred goodness that only a COBB outdoor grill can deliver. It’s time to elevate your chicken game to new heights on the outdoor grill!

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