With so many colorful, flavorful options available for meat-free dining, vegetarian grilling is taking on a whole new personality this year with COBB, the best camping grill for 2023. If you thought vegetarian grilling would be boring and limited, think again. Anyone who prefers veggies on the grill can now explore countless meal ideas for healthier, tastier, more convenient food prep at home or outdoors on their next road trip.

Best Camping Grill For Tasty Veggies in 2023 

Apart from having a fantastic pool of tried and tested recipes to refer to for your ultimate veggie grill fest, you need to have a good, quality outdoor grill. So what makes COBB the best camping grill of 2023?

COBB outdoor portable grills are made to last with superior materials that are durable and robust, as well as rust-resistant. Each stainless steel grill is accompanied by a dome lid to keep all the flavors contained while you cook the most delicious grub you have ever tasted. You can also accessorize your COBB portable grill with an aluminum grill grid, grill grate, fire grid, and more to give you that restaurant-quality characterized by sear marks and smokey flavor when you indulge in grilled veggies.

COBB has earned its reputation as the best camping grill for 2023. Whether you opt for the Premier Air or the COBB Supreme, hurry and get yours now and start enjoying your veggies in a whole new way.

Let’s get into our top vegetarian grill recipes.

  1. Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a great way to start your day with a hot cup of coffee or tea made with your COBB Camp Kettle. Bring some sweet delight to your camping experience with these soft, fluffy cinnamon rolls that can be easily prepared on your COBB outdoor grill. Not many grills can do baked items such as these, so this is just another reason why COBB is the best camping grill for 2023. Simply whip up your ingredients and use your COBB bread pan to bake this scrumptious vegetarian breakfast treat.

Check out the recipe here.

  1. Egg & Potato Stack

This egg and potato stack is ideal as a vegetarian breakfast or brunch any time of the year. Since it only requires a few ingredients, you can even enjoy this meal on an outdoor camping trip if you crave something more creative than instant oats! Packed with protein and nutrients, this meal will kickstart your day and leave you feeling full and energized for adventuring until the next mealtime. This combo works excellently on the COBB portable grill if you have the COBB Frying Pan and 5-piece utensil set to help you.

Check out the recipe here.

  1. Vegan Chickpea Wrap

If you are wondering what the best camping grill is for vegan meals in 2023, the answer would once again be the COBB portable grill, like the Premier+ Plus. Check out these mouthwatering BBQ chickpea wraps that will satisfy your hunger pangs while meeting all your vegan dietary requirements and giving you sufficient protein in the mix. All you need for this ensemble is your COBB grill, a few ready-made wraps, chickpeas, your favorite BBQ sauce and mayo, a few veggie toppings, and you’re good to go! This recipe works best if you have the COBB frying pan and wok.

Check out the recipe here.

  1. Cheese & Tomato Pies

We love this pie recipe for its simplicity and tangy taste. If you are looking for something quick and easy to throw on the grill for guests, a play date, or a camping lunch, be sure to try these cheese and sundried tomato pies. The salty, crispy, cheesy experience will hit the right spot wherever you are. If you have some puff pastry, an assortment of your favorite cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes, an egg and some seasoning, you could soon be grilling these pies and devouring them in just a few minutes. Talk about the easiest on-the-go grilled meal!

Check out the recipe here.

  1. Roasted Vegetables with Brandy Honey Butter 

This dish is jam-packed with veggie goodness! It uses an assortment of the tastiest vegetables for a burst of grilled flavor and is super easy to cook in your COBB Kitchen-in-a-Box. If you’re lucky enough to have the best camping grill of 2023, check out this recipe, get together your ingredients, and cook up a vegetarian feast. Enjoy all the sweetness of baby carrots, beetroot, and sweet potatoes, among others, drizzled in an original sauce that will leave you wanting more.

Check out the recipe here.

Are you eager to start grilling vegetarian delights on the best camping grill of 2023? Order your COBB grill here and shop online for irresistible value-added COBB accessories for premium grilling.