Wondering how many ways there are to love the COBB Portable Grill? We’re about to tell you! As far as small portable grills go, the COBB certainly outdoes all competitors with its feisty, mighty appearance and performance quality. So, why exactly should you buy a COBB outdoor grill? Let’s get right into it!

It’s Compact 

They say dynamite comes in small packages, and while COBB’s small portable grills are not explosive, they are definitely little powerhouses that offer you the best grilling opportunities you could hope for!

The smallest model, the COBB Pro available in teal or black, is an impressive 11.25″ x 11.25″ x 13.25″ with the dome lid on and weighs only 8 lbs. The COBB Supreme has an 80% larger cooking surface but is still mighty compact, lightweight, and easy enough to pack for grilling on the go!

Looks Great Too!

What most people adore about these small COBB portable grills is that they look good on any table. The only thing better than a good-quality outdoor grill is a grill that adds glamor to your presentation. These grills are expertly designed with a shiny stainless steel finish in compact round or oval shapes.

Choose between the classic but cool (and lightest) COBB Premier Air, the COBB Pro round models, with the mesh painted stylishly in two terrific colors, or indulge in the large COBB Supreme, which has an elegant elliptical appearance. One thing is for sure: COBB portable grills may be small, but they are big on sophistication and will be a hit with your guests no matter which model you decide to buy.

Power Grilling 

Enough about aesthetics; let’s talk about food! Portable grills are all about the grub, right? With any COBB portable grill, you can look forward to faster, tastier grills with those restaurant-quality sear marks, delectable smoky barbecue flavor, and healthier meals.

These small portable grills are made of the highest quality materials that allow even the toughest meat to cook thoroughly and evenly without flare-ups or cold and hot spots. With the COBB grill grates, all the juices from your sizzling steaks and roasting veggies can drip off and be vaporised to add flavor to your meal. The dome lid keeps all the flavors and nutrients inside during cooking to give you tastier grills.

Made to Last

When investing in an outdoor portable grill, quality and value for money are essential. That’s why COBB portable grills will not disappoint you! Made by professionals with premium manufacturing techniques and robust materials, these small portable grills are made to last.

You can be sure that your COBB grill, no matter which model you choose, will give you several years of grilling pleasure, and even more than expected if it is given proper care and maintenance. The stainless steel finish will not rust, and the cast iron parts are extremely durable. For quality and longevity, COBB grills are worth every cent!

Personalize and Accessorise 

With COBB portable grills, the fun doesn’t end with the grill alone. There are so many useful and gorgeous accessories that have been made to go perfectly with your outdoor grill. Add to your growing collection and have a blast cooking up a storm with all the delightful offerings from COBB Grill America.

Going camping? Buy a travel bag that will neatly fit your small portable grill for easy traveling. Get creative and try out the rotisserie, frying pans, pizza stone, bread pan and heaps more. COBB is the leader in variety and has taken care of all your portable grilling needs for a personalized grilling experience.

Grill Anything, Anywhere 

Once you’re kitted out and ready to go, you can start experimenting with recipes on your COBB portable grill. One of the best reasons to buy a COBB grill is that it offers you so much potential, far more than other small portable grills on the market. Due to COBB’s innovative design and versatility, it allows you to cook almost anything in an outdoor setting and do so with comfort and ease.

Meat lovers can use the COBB grill for spare ribs, roast chicken, fish and kebabs, while vegetarians can feast on grilled corn, stir-fries, and more. You can even make pizza, crêpes, cake, and bread with your COBB portable grill. Check out our exclusive recipe book for inspiration!

Now that you’ve seen the dynamite offerings you can experience with COBB Grill America, start shopping online right away for the best small portable grills. Don’t be deceived by the compact size ‒ these fantastic grills bring you huge possibilities and endless grilling varieties to try out.