Make every customer’s outdoor cooking experience aspirational, easy and enjoyable.

There is nothing quite like fresh forest air that soothes the soul, the feeling of warm sand beneath your feet as you stroll along the beach at sunset, standing on a mountaintop surrounded by pure awe, or gazing over early morning crisp waters whilst on a river boat. There is nothing quite like the COBB® Way of Life.

The COBB® journey begun more than 20 years ago for the simple need to create a safer, more economical way of cooking to minimise fire risks. The first fuel for the COBB® was a dried-out corncob, which is how we got our name. From these humble roots, it has become a way of life across the globe.

COBB® is designed to #GetMore out of life, those who love an outdoor adventure with a lifestyle companion that redefines the possibilities of outdoor cooking. Every moment spent cooking on a COBB® transforms ordinary meals into unforgettable experiences.

Loved by a well-connected global community from patio and balcony cooks to campers, boaters, caravanners and beach goers, COBB® has a heart for versatility, portability and quality. There are no limits on what we can cook outdoors. You can grill, fry, smoke, boil and roast! #AdventureServed the COBB® way.

COBB® has 3 Prominent Product Features


COBB® was uniquely designed to make outdoor cooking aspirational, easy and enjoyable. The high-quality product is manufactured from high grade stainless-steel and is durable with no moving parts.


COBB® removes the barriers of enjoying the outdoors and solves the perceived ‘inconvenience’ of outdoor cooking. These nifty cookers weigh no more than 4kg and are easily portable to any location.


Consumers want variety when cooking - to bake, smoke, grill, fry, roast and more. With its wide range of accessories, COBB® consumers get #moremeals, and #moreoptions when cooking outdoors.