The popular Griddle for the Premier and Supreme grills. Made from thick cast aluminum covered with a non-stick surface allows for a hotter surface.

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The Griddle is specially designed to maintain higher temperatures which in turn burns hotter, ensuring your food is grilled quickly and evenly. It is ideal for searing steaks, hamburgers, vegetables and much more. A rounded griddle ridge profile allows for any fat to drain away from the food. Because the fat runs away from the coals, the chances of flare-ups are almost zero. The non-stick coating is used to prevent sticking and leaves your food seared to perfection. Spray or cover the surface with canola or coconut oil before cooking to ensure even easier cleaning! The secret when grilling on the Griddle is to warm it up for 10-15 minutes with the Dome Lid on.

The new and improved Griddle+ Plus for the round Premiers also comes with holes for the Fenced Roast Rack to slot in, ensuring you truly get the most from your COBB griddles. It has deeper grooves on the top and made thicker.


  • Oval Supreme: Griddle for the Supreme
  • Round Premier: New Griddle+ Plus for the Premiers

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Oval Supreme, Round Premier