Rubber Grommets


Replacement Rubber Grommet sets for the Premier & Supreme grilling systems. The Grommets are installed on the Top Ring for the Dome Lid to sit on.

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Replacement Rubber Grommets are essential for proper airflow when the Dome Lid is in place. The Grommets slides into the grooves of the Top Ring with the highest point facing inside. It is recommended that Grommets are maintained and replaced every few years if you use your COBB frequently.

The Supreme Grommets should be fastened with the original screws that came with the Supreme grill. No screws needed for the round Premiers.


  • Oval Supreme: Set of 6 Grommets for the Supreme. Use original screws to fasten the new Grommets
  • Round Premier: Set of 4 Grommets for the Premier+ Plus, and the Premier Air
  • Round Premier: Set of 3 Grommets for the Premier, Premier Pro, and the Premier Compacts

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Oval Supreme (Set of 6), Round Premier (Set of 3), Round Premier (Set of 4)