Pizzas are great to eat, and they’re even better when we share them with people we love being around! If you’ve never tried hosting a pizza party, we highly recommend making this your next big event. Skip the traditional family dinners, tea parties, and cocktail lunches ‒ it’s the season for pizza parties, and your guests will thank you. 

The COBB Pizza Stone will make your pizza-making event a resounding success, so get yours out from the back of the cupboard or order it online from COBB Grill America. Then, follow our easy steps to hosting your successful pizza-making party.

STEP 1: Invite Your Guests 

Get creative with your invitations! Once you’ve decided who will be on your guest list, you can experiment with different mobile apps to create your very own pizza party invitations and send them out early so your guests have enough time to plan and clear their schedules. You wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this awesome event! 

STEP 2: Decide On The Pizza Varieties 

What pizzas will be on the menu? Decide soon, so you know exactly what ingredients to source. Want to please your guests? Send out a survey to see what the most popular toppings are, or simply ask your guests to tell you their pizza preferences.

Chances are that not everyone will like the same toppings. So, decide on three or four of the best pizza varieties to make, which might be margherita, meaty, hawaiian, or something a bit more exotic like a naan breakfast pizza

STEP 3: Prepare Your Ingredients 

Once your menu is finalized, you can shop for the ingredients. Apart from flour, yeast, olive oil, and salt for your pizza dough, most pizzas require onions, olives, tomatoes, lots of cheese, meat (like chicken, pepperoni, or bacon), herbs and spices. 

Remember to purchase quantities that are suitable for the number of guests on your list. If you’d like to throw in a few surprise ingredients, such as blue cheese to make our Bacon, Caramelized Onions, & Blue Cheese Pizza, go right ahead, but get these in smaller quantities to avoid wastage.

STEP 4: Decorate Your Venue

Let your imagination run wild and decorate your home, outdoor entertainment area, or another suitable venue to liven up the atmosphere. You could opt for a classic Italian theme or something very classy or avant-garde — whatever suits your fancy and gets your attendees excited about their pizza-making.

Make sure you have enough plates, table space, and seating to accommodate your guess, and you could even welcome each person with a signature cocktail to get things going.

STEP 5: Give Your Guests Instructions

It’s important for everyone to understand how the COBB Pizza Stone works for their ultimate safety and to produce delectable pizzas. When your guests arrive, you can present them with written instructions or just talk them through the pizza-making process and how to use the pizza stone.

The COBB Pizza Stone can be used in your portable bbq grill or in a regular oven to make your cooking process more convenient. 

STEP 6: Start The Pizza-Making

Give each guest the required ingredient measurements for the dough, and let the mixing and kneading commence! Whether your guests are lined up at the kitchen island or outside on the patio, there’s bound to be plenty of fun, laughs and pizza-making tips being shared.

Lay out the different toppings on your COBB cutting boards so each person can design their own pizza, or stir up some healthy competition in teams of two or three depending on how much space you have. Remember to dust your pizza stone with a little flour before baking to prevent the dough from sticking to the base.

STEP 7: Enjoy Your Creations

Finally, the part everyone’s been waiting for! When your pizzas are ready after cooking on the COBB Pizza Stone, marvel at your creations, serve them with refreshing drinks or freshly squeezed fruit juice, and enjoy. Share the pizza slices with each other and sample all of the delectable, creative toppings. And if it’s turned into a competition, declare a winner!

Are you ready to host your pizza-making party? Get your COBB Pizza Stone now by ordering online. The COBB Pizza Stone is made from cordierite, which is better than ceramic for cooking your pizzas evenly without burning and is big enough for 10” pizzas. You can also use the pizza stone to bake corn bread and cookies, which you can serve as dessert after your pizza party. 

Wow your guests with sensational, professional-tasting pizzas made with the COBB Pizza Stone at your next event and see what a difference it can make! Contact COBB Grill America for more information or to get to know our other portable grill products.