Spring and summer are ideal for barbecues, camping, and outdoor time with loved ones. However, these warmer months also pose a high fire risk, and July is known to be one of the most common months for grill fires

In an attempt to keep the love of outdoor grilling alive, we’ve put together some outdoor grill safety tips to keep you, your family, and your pets safe as you enjoy your COBB portable grill.

1) Only Use Your Grill Outdoors 

COBB portable grills, just like all outdoor grills, are made for outdoor use only, and this rule should be adhered to for maximum safety. Never attempt to use an outdoor grill indoors or inside a camping tent, as this could become a major fire hazard and will cause smoke pollution. 

Make sure your grill is in an open space with no obstructions surrounding it. There should be good ventilation and pleasant, moderate weather conditions for safe grilling. Avoid grilling in strong wind or rain.

2) Place The Grill On A Flat Surface

We understand the excitement that comes with grilling your food, be it sausages, hamburgers, or mouthwatering smoked vegetables. Before you begin using your outdoor grill, make sure it’s on a flat, steady surface.

Be aware of any holes, wobbly surfaces that might cave, or slopes. In the outdoors, the ground may not always be as flat as you want it to be, so place the grill on a small table or stool if the ground is too rocky, slippery, or uneven.

3) Clean The Grill After Each Use 

If you want your grill to perform optimally and produce delicious food in the safest way possible, we recommend that you clean it well after each use. This is especially important for meat eaters, as the fat drips off the meat and collects in the tray below.

Fat residue can also stick to the grill surface, so clean your grill and separate parts in hot water and dishwashing soap to remove all grease and prevent grime build-up. Excess fat left on the grill will cause excess smoke the next time you use it.

4) Wear Suitable Clothing While Using The Grill

Avoid coming to the grill with clothing that can catch fire easily. This can include long sleeves or loose strings and hanging bits or tassels that may get caught in the grill, brush over the food, or be near the fire while you are cooking. 

The best clothing to wear is light, comfortable attire with sleeves that can be securely folded or rolled up for minimum obstruction. If any article of clothing does catch fire, remember to stop, drop, and roll!

5) Maintain Your Grill Regularly

Grills that are used often will have a greater likelihood of developing damage over time, especially if they’ve been dropped or used in harsh conditions.

Inspect your grill for any damage and have these fixed by a professional to ensure your grill remains safe and effective for use. To be safe, always open the barbecue lid before lighting it.

6) Never Leave The Grill Unattended While In Use 

Once cooking is underway, never walk away because an open flame is a fire hazard if left unattended. Stand over the outdoor grill, or if you urgently need to step away to use the bathroom or answer a call, ask someone to watch over it for you. 

7) Keep A Spray Bottle & Fire Extinguisher Nearby

You may notice that at times, your outdoor grill flares up when fat drips off the meat during cooking. This can also cause extra smoke to build up under the lid of the barbecue.

For instances like this, which are sometimes unavoidable, it’s best to keep a spray bottle nearby. One should also have a fire extinguisher at hand just in case bigger flames ignite that require more serious intervention.

The COBB Grill is designed not to have flare ups, so if you want to put safety first then our grill is a great option. 

8) Keep The Grill Away From Children, Pets & Overhanging Branches 

Outdoor grills allow us to spend quality time with our family, children, and pets in a relaxed environment. It should be a time of joy, good food, and heartwarming experiences.

So keep the grill safely away from anyone or anything that could be harmed by a sudden, dangerous incident. When barbecuing outdoors, keep the grill clear of overhanging branches, as these could also fall in or catch on fire.

Safety should always be a priority when using your COBB portable outdoor grill. Keep your loved ones safe and enjoy the tastiest grilled meat, pizza, and side dishes this season. Check out our recipes and have the best barbecues every time.